A successful life is a likely result of a successful start. A healthy child who learns language, enjoys others, and manages his own behavior will learn to read and read to learn by third grade and eventually achieve the skills and motivation to be a productive person and a good citizen. Getting there is not automatic however.
All families need support, whether from other family members, friends, health and child care professionals, or community and government agencies. The good news is that science and medicine and the experiences of children, families and professionals are making us smarter and more aware of how to give every child a good start in life. A recent poll by Public Opinion Strategies and Hart Research in June 2014 confirmed that 85% of voters say “ensuring children get a strong start” is a top national priority.
As an advocacy organization, we are proud to be part of Get Georgia Reading, the Campaign for Grade Level Reading, that launched on August 6 with 100 partners and a four-pillar approach to help every child read. At Voices for Georgia’s Children, we promise the children of Georgia that we will inform, promote, and lobby for the public priorities, policies, and investments that will ensure a smart start for every child.
Join us in our advocacy for young children! . Use this season of elections to let candidates know that you are with the 85% who make young children a top priority. Sign up for our information and action alerts, and use your voice for children.

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We are a nonprofit child policy and advocacy organization that envisions a Georgia where children are safe,
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