Mission and Vision

Voices for Georgia’s Children, founded in 2003, is the only comprehensive policy and advocacy organization committed to improving the lives of children in Georgia. Voices is comprised of insiders, conveners and experts. We are pragmatic, data-driven, nonpartisan, and focused on equitable, comprehensive policy solutions for Georgia’s children. Our work is framed in a holistic “whole child” perspective that allows us to identify how different policies impact children and to propose solutions that benefit children on multiple levels.

Every child in Georgia can thrive when he or she has a healthy mind and body, is protected and safe, has a solid start in life, is treated fairly, and has access to enrichment beyond the classroom. As Voices for Georgia’s Children enters its 17th year of making a difference in the lives of Georgia’s children, we are building on the momentum of our statewide, steadfast leadership on behalf of children.

Read more about our work in The Whole Child Primer.

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We are a nonprofit child policy and advocacy organization advancing laws, policies,
and actions that improve the lives of Georgia’s children.