As advocates for children, we must be part of the process of making the law. Below you’ll find resources that we hope you’ll find helpful in being a good advocate for children, including contact information so you can reach out yourself to state and federal legislators, as well as a detailed look at what Voices is following during the state legislative session.

Learn About Child Well-being in Georgia

Foundation for Child Policy

The Whole Child Primer highlights bright spots and common challenges our kids face in five areas of child well-being.

Child Wellbeing in Georgia

All About Kids features dozens of factsheets that takes a deep dive into data and disparities in areas of child well-being.

From Under the Gold Dome

Legislation We’re Following

Every year, Voices follows hundreds of child-related bills as they work their way from the hopper to the floor. We cover each of these bills in our weekly Legislative Updates.

2022 Legislative Session

Voices’ 2(-ish)┬áMinute Take

Don’t have time to read through hundreds of pieces of legislation? Advocacy Director Polly McKinney summarizes the past week under the Gold Dome in just two(ish) minutes.

2022 Legislative Session

Get to Know Georgia’s Lawmakers

Voices sat down with Georgia legislators to discuss a myriad of issues that are important to them in two video series:

Kid Talks: Georgia Leaders on Child Policy

What’s In It for Kids? Important Conversations with Georgia’s Lawmakers

When I Was a Kid

Please note: all of these videos were recorded prior to the 2021 Legislative Session and are therefore dated in terms of policy priorities and current issues.

Federal Advocacy

Federal COVID-19 Response Legislation

Congress and the Executive Branch have done much since early March to pass laws that support Americans during the coronavirus pandemic that has killed tens of thousands and left millions out of work. Below is our analysis on some of the work that’s been done in Washington, D.C.

Advocacy Resources

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