The FY 2020 budget (a whopping $27.5 Billion) is next year’s budget and is the only bill that the General Assembly is constitutionally required to pass each year. Because I love you people, and because I have no social life to speak of, I have read and summarized the child-relevant parts of both for your enjoyment below.  (Note that the summaries below are only from the Governor’s Budget Recommendations.  From here the budgets will be vetted, usually changed somewhat, and then passed by the House and the Senate before they return to the governor for his signature.)

Here are some tips which should make reading the charts easier:

  • Numbers in parentheses are subtractions from existing funding.
  • Numbers NOT in parentheses are additions to existing funding.
  • “Yes” indicates support for the accompanying Budget Note.
  • A bond is an IOU that the state “sells” and then pays back the amount of the bond plus interest, a portion at a time over many years
  • If you too have no social life and would like to read the budgets for yourself, they can both be found in the same document.

DBHDD = Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities

DCS = Department of Community Supervision

DECAL = Department of Early Care and Learning

GDEcD = Department of Economic Development

DHS = Department of Human Services (houses DFCS = Department of Family and Children Services, as well as DCSS = Division of Child Support Services)

DJJ = Department of Juvenile Justice

DOE = Department of Education

DOL = Department of Labor

DOR = Department of Revenue

DPH = Department of Public Health

GBI = Georgia Bureau of Investigation

CJCC = Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (attached to GBI)

CJCJ = Council of Juvenile Court Judges (attached to Juvenile Courts)

GDC = Georgia Department of Corrections

GOSA = Governor’s Office of Student Achievement

GSFC = Georgia Student Finance Commission

GPDC = Georgia Public Defenders Council

PAC = Prosecuting Attorneys Council

TCSG = Technical College System of Georgia

USG = University System of Georgia

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