Juvenile Justice reform in Georgia reduced incarceration of children younger than 17 by 46% since 2014.


On average, 15,000 students in K through 3rd grade are suspended each year in Georgia.


In 2017, corporal punishment was used more than 7,200 times on more than 4,600 students.

Why It Matters

It costs taxpayers $90,000 to detain a child in juvenile detention for a year.

The health and welfare of Georgia’s at-risk children depend on their staying in school and out of court. Over the last 5 years, Georgia has seen a 46% decrease in youth incarceration, thanks to effective evidence-based therapies that are helping many court-involved children avoid future criminal misbehavior. Having successfully advocating for a long-overdue update of Georgia’s juvenile code, we are now taking a proactive approach to keep kids out of the juvenile justice system altogether.

Where Georgia Stands


of juvenile arrests are for violent crimes


reduction in overall commitments to the Department of Juvenile Justice since 2013


schools in Georgia are trained in Positive Behavioral Intervention Supports

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