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Caring Voice

Expand access to fresh, healthy foods to families.

Annual Gift: $100Monthly Investment: $10 or $20

Emerging Voice

Support foster children and their caregivers.

Annual Gift: $250Monthly Investment: $30

Sustaining Voice

Secure commitment to Georgia’s Pre-K Program.

Annual Gift: $500Monthly Investment: $50

Collaborating Voice

Improve the quality of afterschool and summer learning programs.

Annual Gift: $1,000Monthly Investment: $100

Resounding Voice

Eliminate barriers to health insurance.

Annual Gift: $1,500Monthly Investment: $150

Courageous Voice

Combat the child and adolescent mental health crisis.

Annual Gift: $2,500Monthly Investment: $250

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We are a nonprofit child policy and advocacy organization advancing laws, policies,
and actions that improve the lives of Georgia’s children.