Every child in Georgia can thrive when he or she has a healthy mind and body, is protected and safe, has a solid start in life, is treated fairly, and has access to enrichment beyond the classroom. Sustaining children’s ability to thrive requires the investment, advocacy, and commitment of the entire community. The Child Advocacy and Policy Fellowship will provide community stakeholders with a foundation in child advocacy and policy.

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This fellowship is designed to:

  • Increase ability to critically evaluate policy issues surrounding child well-being at multiple levels of government (local, state, and national), with special attention to political, social, economic, and organizational factors;
  • Encourage collaboration across community sectors (school/education, public health, law enforcement, media, youth-serving organizations, businesses, etc.);
  • Develop cultural competency;
  • Increase recognition of the potential impact of all policies on child health and well-being; and
  • Support the development of community-driven solutions to local challenges that directly, equitably impact children.

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Program Dates
September 9, 2019 to February 11, 2020 with two face-to-face meetings (September and February) and 6 distance learning modules via Zoom/Conference Call.

• $1,000 stipend + travel
• Hands-on experience meeting with state policymakers
• Inside look at Juvenile Courtrooms, Farm to School/Farm to Early Care programs, Quality Rated Child Care Programs

Requirements and Qualifications
• At least 3 years of working experience in respective field
• Able to attend 2 in-person sessions (1 half-day in Macon, 1 two-day
in Atlanta)
• A member of any of the community sectors, including:

o Non-profit/Civic Organizations
o School System (non-elected)
o Business
o Youth-Serving Organization (YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, etc.)
o Media (local journalist, communications manager, etc.)
o Juvenile Justice/Law Enforcement/School Resource Officer
o Religious/Fraternal Organizations
o Healthcare Professionals
o Public Health/Social Services

• Demonstrated leadership and active engagement within respective
• Committed to completing the 6-month certificate program

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