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Voices for Georgia’s Children

Because we believe every child in Georgia can thrive when given the opportunity, Voices for Georgia’s Children advances laws, policies, and actions that improve children’s lives – particularly those furthest from opportunity.

Addressing one area, such as quality education, while neglecting others like adequate nutrition, healthcare, and safe and stable housing, only leads to marginal improvements in a child’s life. We must take a comprehensive whole child approach to improving child well being, and that must prioritize examining disparities in access to the foundations needed to thrive. Time and again, determined advocates of all sorts have worked to chip away at barriers impeding Georgia’s kids. However, until we intentionally and holistically address inequities stemming from income level, racial bias and racism, educational status, geography, disability, and gender and sexual orientation bias, efforts to help the children and youth of our state will fall woefully short. By championing the “whole child” approach, Voices is advancing systemic change on behalf of Georgia’s children.

Our Beliefs

Our guiding principles include equity, collaboration, accuracy, courage and innovation.

Our Policy Agenda

Every two years, Voices outlines our legislative priorities in the Whole Child Primer.

Our 5-Year Strategic Plan

Voices’ Strategic Plan is a blueprint for action over the next five years with three broad goals: Research and Policy, Advocacy, and Organizational Capacity.

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Meet the Voices’ team and Board of Directors.

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We are a nonprofit child policy and advocacy organization advancing laws, policies,
and actions that improve the lives of Georgia’s children.