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2 Minute Advocacy Ask for the Week:

The “Ask”:  Choose one (or more!) of the bills below which you support and contact the appropriate bill sponsor to thank him or her for their work on the issue this session.

The Why:  Even though the 2015 legislative session is over, it is important to let lawmakers know when you appreciate their efforts on behalf of children (even when a piece of legislation does not pass).

The Message: [PICK ONE and use the associated link for contact information]

“Hi – My name is __________ and I want to thank you for your work on [INSERT BILL NUMBER].  I appreciate the work you have done on behalf of Georgia’s children.”

BILL CHOICES (Click the name to contact)

SB 8SR 7    Status:  PASSED
Contacts:      Sen. Renee UntermanRep.Chuck EfstrationRep Andy Welch

The “Safe Harbor Bills” establish a “Safe Harbor” provision that protects children under the age of 18 who have been trafficked from prosecution and establishes funding for services for those children.

SB 138          Status:  PASSED
Contact:        Sen. Butch Miller

Enacts some of the Governor’s Child Welfare Reform Recommendations,including improved DFCS procedures and staff supports as well as the creation of a central child abuse registry.

HB 361          Status:  PASSED
Contact:         Rep. Andy Welch

Juvenile Justice Clean up bill which also clarifies criteria around transfer of juveniles from superior court to juvenile court.

HR 640          Status:  PASSED
Contact:         Rep. Bruce Broadrick

Creates a House study committee on School Based Health Centers.

HR 641          Status:  PASSED
Contact:         Rep. Katie Dempsey

Creates a House study committee on Child Mental Health.

HR 474          Status:  PASSED
Contact:         Rep. Stacey Abrams

Creates a House study committee on Grandparents Raising Grandchildren and Kinship Care.

HB 401          Status:  PASSED
Contact:        Rep. Chuck Efstration

Department of Early Care and Learning bill which, among other things, sets standards for fingerprint records checks and clarifies provisions around what constitutes a volunteer.

HB 429          Status:  PASSED
Contacts:     Sen. Charlie BethelRep. Ron StephensChairman Richard Smith

Incorporates language similar to SB 1, requiring individual insurance providers to cover autism for children 6 and under in certain policies.

SB 164           Status:  PASSED
Contact:         Sen. Emanuel Jones

Encourages local boards of education to implement PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) and RTI (Response to Intervention) programs and initiatives in their schools.

HB 1               Status:  PASSED
Contact:         Rep. Allen Peake

“Haleigh’s Hope Act” allows the use of cannabidiol for certain medical conditions and establishes processes to assess the use and collect data.

HB 91             Status:  SIGNED
Contact:         Rep. Brooks Coleman

Retroactively awards high school diplomas to those who are no longer in a Georgia public school and who failed to receive a high school diploma or were denied graduation solely for failing one or more portions of the Georgia High School Graduation Test.

SR 594          Status:  PASSED
Contact:         Sen. Josh McKoon

Creates a Senate Study Committee on Rate of Diagnosis for Children With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Related Disorders.

HB 765          Status:  PASSED
Contact:         Rep. Joyce Chandler

Creates a House Study Committee on School Counseling and the Role of School Counselors.

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