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Advocacy Opportunities


2 Minute Advocacy Ask for the Week:

The “Ask”: Choose one (or more!) of the bills below which you support and contact the appropriate bill sponsor to thank him or her for their work on the issue this session.

The Why:   Even though the 2014 legislative session is over, it is important to let lawmakers know when you appreciate their efforts on behalf of children (even when a piece of legislation does not pass). 
The Message:   [PICK ONE and use the associated link for contact information]

“Hi – My name is __________ and I want to thank you for your work on [INSERT BILL NUMBER].  I appreciate the work you have done on behalf of Georgia’s children.”

BILL CHOICES (Click the name to contact)
SB 358           Status:  PASSED                 Contact:  Sen. John Albers-56th
Allows law enforcement to respond to a missing child report filed by a “caretaker, governmental unit responsible for the child or person with legal custody of the child.
SB 282           Status:  PASSED                 Contact:  Sen. Chuck Hufstetler-52nd Enacts provisions recommended by the Georgia Child Support Commission relating to child support, enforcement of child support orders, definitions used in calculating child support.
HB 674          Status:  FAILED                    Contact:  Rep. Andy Welch-110th
Establishes a formula for state funds to be used for certain positions in juvenile court.
HB 804          Status:  PASSED                 Contact:  Rep. Edward Lindsey-54th
The court may order a child under 17 years old to testify via closed-circuit television outside of the presence of the person accused, at the judge’s discretion in certain circumstances.
HB 898          Status:  PASSED                 Contact:  Rep. B.J. Pak-108th
Repeals the Interstate Compact on Juveniles enacted in 1972 and enacts a new Interstate Compact for Juveniles which clarifies the jurisdiction of juvenile courts and social services relative to the jurisdiction of other states.
SB 364 & SB 365         Status:  PASSED   Contact:  Sen. Jesse Stone-23rd
These bills further the work of the Georgia Council on Criminal Justice Reform.
HB 251          Status:  PASSED                 Contact:  Rep. Alan Powell-32nd
Makes it unlawful to sell alternative nicotine or vapor products (containing nicotine) to minors. 
HB 363          Status:  FAILED                    Contact:  Rep. Sharon Cooper-43rd
Creates the Georgia Lactation Consultant Licensing Board to license and oversee Lactation Consultants.
HB 290          Status:  FAILED                    Contact:  Rep. Katie Dempsey-13th
An employer that provides sick leave shall allow an employee to use such sick leave for the care of an immediate family member.
SB 397           Status:  FAILED                    Contact:  Sen. Tim Golden-8th
Requires individual insurance providers to cover autism for children 6 and under unless the plan is provided by an employer with 10 or fewer employees.