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Georgia Pre-K Week for Leaders

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Thank you for participating in Georgia Pre-K Week 2018! The teachers and students greatly appreciated your interest in coming to see the quality early learning that happens there – and around the state – each day.  We hope your Pre-K Week experience deepened your appreciation of the crucial role early learning plays to ensure our kids are on track and reading by third grade.

Voices for Georgia's Children encourages you to publicize your event to your constituents using our sample social media posts, newsletter language, and press release below.

Find your Photos!

Don't forget to check out some of the photos from your visit on our photo share site! If you don't see your photos, email info@georgiavoices.org and we will be happy to try and find some for you.

Press Release

Check back soon for a template press release to publicize your visit to local media! Make sure to send it a couple days before your visit and let us know at info@gaprekweek.com if it is published! 

Sample Newsletter/Website Language

Today I had the privilege of visiting (insert name of center) as a part of Georgia Pre-K Week. Georgia’s future depends on giving every child the best start possible, and I wanted to show my support for this weeklong effort by reading to young learners and visiting the center that helps them develop key skills and inspires them each day to reach for more.

Launched eight years ago, Pre-K Week is organized each year by Voices for Georgia’s Children, a policy and advocacy non-profit organization, and supported by more than 20 child-focused partner organizations. Support from community, business and government leaders like myself has proven key to Georgia’s success in leading the nation in early learning policies and practices. 

I know state leaders care about early education and I’m proud to be a part of this celebration.

Sample Social Media Posts

We encourage you to use the hashtag #GaPreKWeek in all your social media posts! Please also feel free to post one of our sample memes to your social media accounts.


  • #GaPreKWeek is this week! Can’t wait to visit with the state’s youngest learners. [click to tweet this!]
  • Read to Pre-K students today as a part of #GaPreKWeek! #EarlyLearning makes me hopeful for the future. [click to tweet this!]
  • Loved reading to Ga Pre-K students today as a part of #GaPreKWeek! Proud of Georgia’s efforts to support #EarlyLearning. [click to tweet this!]
  • #EarlyLearning is important. Proud to support #GaPreKWeek by reading to some of the state’s youngest citizens today. [click to tweet this!]


It was such a joy getting to interact with the students of (tag the center if they have a Facebook page) and reading “Click Clack Moo Cows that Type.” I’m a proud supporter of #GaPreKWeek and #EarlyLearning because our future depends on giving every child the tools they need to succeed from the very beginning!

***Include two or three pictures of your visit to the center***


  • I had such a great time reading "Click Clack Moo Cows that Type" to the children of (insert center name) in (insert city/town) as a part of #GaPreKWeek!
  • I read “Click Clack Moo Cows that Type” to some of our youngest learners today! Thanks for having me (insert name of center)! #GaPreKWeek

***Ideally you would post a picture of (Insert name of State Legislator) reading to children or interacting with the children at the center.


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