Deal forms Commission on Children’s Mental Health

Governor Nathan Deal announced this week the creation of the Commission on Children’s Mental Health. The commission is tasked with providing recommendations to improve mental health services for children and includes health care experts, state leaders, and children’s advocates from across Georgia, including Voices own policy director, Erica Fener-Sitkoff.
“A tremendous thank you to the Governor for making children’s mental health a priority,” Fener-Sitkoff said. “Being invited to the table during this momentous time in Georgia’s child and adolescent behavioral health conversation is a great honor and I am ready to serve. I can think of no better way to help children than to focus on creating sustainable, long-lasting policy change, and serving on the children’s mental health commission will be an invaluable way to do that.”
Mental and behavioral health has been a focus of Georgia Voices policy agenda since 2014, in part because nearly 80 percent of children in Georgia do not receive the services they need to truly address their challenge.
The commission is expected to submit a report to Governor Deal on Sept. 1.
Read more in the official press release from the Office of the Governor here.


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