About Voices for Georgia’s Children

Through research and analysis, public education, convening, and engagement with decision-makers, Voices seeks to help all children thrive. Our work is framed in a holistic “whole child” perspective that allows us to identify how different policies impact children and to propose solutions that benefit children on multiple levels. 

Our relationships span circles of public officials, advocates, and policy experts at all levels of government. Our experience, credibility, and perspective enable us to successfully advance strategic solutions to fundamental social, economic, and educational challenges facing Georgia’s children.


The mission of Voices is to promote equity, quality, and accessibility in systems created to serve children’s needs.  Our work advances policies and implementation actions that ensure the best possible outcomes for children.


Voices’ vision is that all children in Georgia will thrive because they are safe, healthy, educated, connected to family and community, and prepared to be productive and responsible citizens.