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Child Well-Being

At Voices for Georgia’s Children, child well-being is one component of our comprehensive policy agenda.

Child Welfare Improvements in Georgia

Child Sexual Abuse in Georgia

In 2015, there were 927 reported cases of child sexual abuse in Georgia. This fact sheet covers statistics on the perpetrators and victims of child sexual abuse, the dangers of labeling children as sexual predators, and ways you can help prevent child sexual abuse. References for this fact sheet can be found here.

Childhood Trauma: Discussion and Policy Solutions

Research shows that adverse traumatic experiences in childhood can not only affect a child’s perception of his or her environment and the child’s role in it, but trauma can also affect a child’s brain development, making it all the more challenging to reach successful adulthood. Understanding the sources and impact of trauma should guide our approach to children’s services and to the training of personnel in all child serving systems, including health care providers, school staff, juvenile courts, DFCS staff).

Childhood Trauma Fact Sheet

Maltreatment and Brain Development

Substance and Non-Substance Disorders

Substance Abuse in Georgia

Turnover Rates and Average Salaries for Child-Serving Workers

Homelessness and Children in Georgia

Child Food Programs in Georgia

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