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At Voices for Georgia’s Children, child health is one component of our comprehensive policy agenda, which also includes issues related to early childhood and transitioning youth. Our major role in improving health outcomes for Georgia’s children is to reduce the number of uninsured children in the state – many of whom are eligible for but unenrolled in public health insurance – which currently stands at 9.8 percent. (The national average is eight percent, for comparison.) We know, and the data show, that by providing children with the preventative and routine healthcare services they need during their critical development years, we can promote a lifetime of health.

To reduce the number of uninsured children in Georgia, we advocate for promising policies and practices, such as simplifying Medicaid and PeachCare for Kids eligibility, enrollment and renewal processes for families. But having coverage is not enough; we also are dedicated to improving the access and quality of the healthcare our children receive.

Concurrent with efforts to improve child health outcomes in the state, we have developed Healthy Steps Indicators, an annual publication that reports on five child health indicators to measure the overall health of Georgia’s children. Since 2007, this annual report shares the most recent data on birth weight, immunizations, oral health, obesity and mental health and directs our child health advocacy efforts.

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