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Childhood Trauma: Discussion & Policy Solutions – Updated

Voices for Georgia’s Children has released a new publication, Childhood Trauma: Discussion & Policy Solutions, which serves as an essential resource for advocates and practitioners — you can download a copy here.

Adverse experiences such as abuse, neglect, witnessing the abuse of a loved one or caregiver, and the breaking of close emotional bonds between children and others can impact a child for an entire lifetime. Childhood trauma can lead to learning challenges, mental illness, addictive disease, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorders and severe depression, as well as chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack and stroke.

Trauma informed adults and trauma responsive systems can make sure that our current generation of children have the opportunity to heal and thrive. With this knowledge, we can change the paradigm of multitudes of children and families for generations to come. We are committed to applying this knowledge to recommended policies for early childhood development, child health and vulnerable and disconnected youth. We hope that this short and easy to read document supports that effort.

Thanks for caring and for all you do for kids!

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