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Georgia Receives $1.9 Million Performance Bonus

For Immediate Release

ATLANTA, Ga. –– The Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2009 (CHIPRA) established performance bonuses, giving states an incentive to support the enrollment and retention of eligible children in Medicaid and CHIP (PeachCare for Kids® in Georgia), and helping to defray the costs associated with increasing enrollment of the lowest income children. Bonuses for qualifying states are awarded annually during federal fiscal years 2009 to 2013.
We are pleased that Georgia is one of 23 states to receive a Performance Bonus today. For Georgia, this makes the second straight year. Although we are pleased that the State has improved its enrollment practices to qualify for CHIPRA Performance Bonuses, we are somewhat disappointed for two reasons. First, this recent award is less than last year ($4.9 million). Second, there is a huge disparity between what Georgia will receive this year and the largest award of $42.9 million (Colorado). Georgia’s latest bonus of $1,942,158 ranks 22 out of 23 and is significantly lower than last year.
“What this signals is that we could be doing more to enroll and retain eligible children in public health  insurance options,”  said Danté McKay, Associate Policy Director for Child Health at Voices for Georgia’s Children. “Further, I am disappointed that we are leaving money on the table. When I look at the total awards that our neighbor Alabama has received since the performance bonuses were established ($43 million), and compare to our awards ($6.8 million), I wonder what they are doing that we aren’t. Again, I’m happy that we received a bonus, and I have great respect for the leadership at DCH (Medicaid) and DHS (DFCS), but we’ve got to do better. The performance bonuses will end in September 2013 with the federal fiscal year. I will reach out to state leadership in hopes of collaborating to identify opportunities for improvement.”

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