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Great Work on Juvenile Code Rewrite Continues, How You Can Help

Last Wednesday, February 15 the Child Protection and Public Safety Act (SB 127/HB 641), aka the Juvenile Code Rewrite, was unanimously passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee.  We should all take a moment to savor this accomplishment as it’s been a long time coming.  (The juvenile code rewrite was first introduced in April 2009.)  And while we should be proud of how far we have gotten, we cannot afford to sit on our laurels.

This Thursday, February 23 the House Judiciary Committee will meet to consider HB 641.  This meeting is a public hearing where testimony regarding the bill will be heard.  Before the hearing, please take a moment to reach out to House Judiciary committee members and express your support of the bill and ask them to vote yes for HB 641.

With SB 127 out of the Judiciary Committee, it waits to be voted on in the Rules Committee.  Should that happen, the bill will then go to the Senate for a floor vote.  (If HB 641 is passed out of the Judiciary Committee this Thursday, the same goes.)  One version of the bill must be voted on and passed by “Crossover Day,” the last day of the 40 day session for a bill to move from one chamber to the next.  This year’s crossover day is March 7th

I predict that the next two weeks will be busy ones. To get updates on the bill, consider joining the JUSTGeorgia coalition.  This is the best way to stay in the loop on this bill and get information on how and when you can be helpful with contacting your elected officials in support of it.  For more information, email jneighbors@justga.org.

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