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Compounding Interest: Why Zero to Five is an Investment Worth Making

The time has come for Georgia to invest in very young children – Photos: infants, toddlers and preschoolers. The most effective and efficient investments in children wholesale nfl jerseys are those that start them off right. We must acknowledge wholesale NFL jerseys the common sense notion that children cannot achieve success in school Setting or in life when they fail to get the basics between birth and age five. Adding programs after problems appear in elementary and secondary schools, even increasing their quality, is not likely to close performance gaps.

New investments in the first five years when 90 percent of the brain is developed and when Лос-Анджелес parents are in the most vulnerable economic time in their lives, will achieve greater impact on children and greater return on our investment for our state and local communities. By strengthening families, ensuring access to comprehensive health services, and improving the quality of out-of-home care, we can significantly increase the odds that children will learn, graduate and earn an independent living as adults.

National studies have conclusively proven that when we support families in providing quality care cheap jerseys for their three- and four-year-olds, fewer kids repeat grades and fewer need special education services. Over a lifetime, researchers observe, these children grow into adults who have higher wages, less dependence upon welfare and lower crime rates. Furthermore, wholesale MLB jerseys employers experience a positive impact on employee wholesale jerseys retention and productivity when policies support workers in their roles as parents and caregivers and when these employees have safe, quality care for their children.

A state commitment to protecting and supporting our youngest children will be good for children Steps and good for Georgia. Investing in children early will save money later as well as strengthen our vital state workforce.

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