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Individual Donors

Courageous Voices

Cindy Abel
Leslie Kurtz
Phil and Jenny Jacobs
Randall Kirsch
Rita Gibson
Tameeka Law Walker, MD

Resounding Voices

Billy Dukes
Jamila Pope
Jose Perez
Kay and Brad Bryant
Mitch Saunders
Pat Willis
Richard Nyankori
Rodney Lyn
Sarah Beard
Stephanie Morela

Collaborating Voices

Allison Thompson
Anne DeBeer
Baylie Fry
Brad Bryant
Calvin Ward
Charles Sitkoff
Cindy Abel
Evelyn Sacks
Gerald Lewis
Janet Bittner
John Asalone
John Wright
Joseph Lillyblad
Mary Tam
Stacey Chavis

Sustaining Voices

Bobbi Cleveland
Erin Harlow-Parker
John Haberlen
John Harbin
Lisa Orlando
Nandan Sheth
Sharon Kilfeather

Emerging Voices

Amy Zeide
Becky Rumer
Beth Jetha
Cristina Lennon
Jay Berkelhamer, MD
Judy Fitzgerald
Martha Katz
Melissa and Adam DeWolf
Rebecca Cheatham
Robert Licata

Caring Voices

Adaeze Ngoddy
Andy Segal
Anita Zervigon Hakes
Ashlee Stubits
Bolling Spalding
Brittiney Robertson
Ellen Mazer
Elizabeth Ambler
Elizabeth Bates
Eric John
Fran Long
Heather Rowles
Jenny Pearson
Judy Simpson
Laura Searcy
Lisa Hill
Lois Berthaume
Margita Haberlen
Marianne Celano
Marie Mouchet
Mary Clifford
Nancy Hall
Patti Dismukes
Sue Smith
Susan Buchanan
Tamara Lopata

Other Donors

Adrienne Wells
Ben Deutsch
Jay Bernath
Jayne Fox
Jessica Andrews-Wilson
Jill Huntley
Joanne Hoberg
Laura Colbert
Sheila Tschinkel
William Sexson

Corporate Donors


Naserian Foundation


Big Voice


Atlanticus Holdings Corporation
Homrich Berg
Magellan Health

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We are a nonprofit child policy and advocacy organization advancing laws, policies,
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